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电子科技大学基础与前沿研究院Alexander Govorov教授组2019年招聘博士后研究员


Global Post-Doctoral Researchers at UESTC - Theoretical and Computational Physics of Nanomaterials for Photonics and Energy. Rational Device Design using Machine Learning
The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Chengdu, Sichuan, China) seeks candidates for post-doctoral research positions. The successful applicants will conduct theoretical and computational studies on the electrodynamic responses of nanostructures for a variety of applications in optics and energy conversion in an international research environment. The research projects will tackle the design of functional nanomaterials and will make extensive usage of modern computational methods, including techniques of Machine Learning. The candidates will develop numerical models for supervised learning aimed to speed up the design of advanced materials for optics and photonics at the atomic-, nano- and micrometer- scales. The post-doctoral researchers will be supervised by Prof. Alexander Govorov, (UESTC, Chengdu, Sichuan, China). The research will be highly collaborative and conducted at two locations: UESTC (Chengdu, Sichuan, China) and Ohio University (Athens, Ohio, USA). This position involves a strong cooperation with the Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences (IFFS) in Chengdu, led by Prof. Zhiming Wang.
Prof. Alexander Govorov focuses on optical and photochemical properties of nanostructures and nanomaterials. The topics of his research include plasmonic nanostructures, hot electrons, plasmonic photothermal phenomena, quantum effects in plasmonic and excitonic systems, hybrid nanoscale systems, bio-assemblies, chiral bio-plasmonics, surface photochemistry, nanoscale systems for energy conversion. His studies cover both classical and quantum phenomena and often involve multi-scale modeling. His group is currently involved in the integration of Statistical and Machine Learning techniques with traditional analytical and numerical methods in order to bridge different levels of description of nanostructured systems. Further information about the research group and relevant contact details are available at:
The annual salary for the position is in the range of ¥ 200,000-480,000, depending on the applicant's records. Additional bonuses for specific achievements will be provided.
Candidates should be highly motivated and have a strong background in theoretical condensed-matter physics, computational physics, and nanomaterials. Commitment to working effectively with students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds is required. The position has an initial duration of two years, but may be extended up to three years, depending on performance and funding. To apply for the position, send an e-mail in English to Prof. Alexander Govorov (govorov@ohio.edu) with a cover letter and a full Curriculum Vitae.
Prof. Alexander Govorov has ever been a Distinguished Professor of Physics at Ohio University in the U.S, now he is a full-time Professor of Physics at IFFS, UESTC. He is also a Chang Jiang Chair Professor at UESTC in Chengdu, China, a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the author of more than 250 papers and a recipient of several international awards including the Walton Visitor Award (Ireland), the 1000-Talant Award (Sichuan, China), the Jacques-Beaulieu Excellence Research Chair Award (Canada), etc.
Prof. Zhiming Wang is a Professor of the National 1000-Talents Program, the Director of the IFFS at UESTC in Chengdu,and Journal Editor-in-Chief of Nanoscale Research Letters,.
电子科技大学(四川省成都市)现招聘博士后研究员。受聘博士后将进入Alexander Govorov教授领导的国际性研究团队,对纳米结构的电动响应进行理论和模拟计算研究,研究成果有望应用于光学和能源转换等领域。本研究项目将广泛利用现代计算方法(包括机器学习等技术),旨在解决功能纳米材料的设计问题。受聘者将由Alexander Govorov教授指导,开发用于监督学习的数值模型,以加快原子级,纳米级、微米级的光学和光子学先进材料的设计。该研究将在两个单位:电子科技大学(四川成都)和俄亥俄大学(美国俄亥俄州雅典市)以高度协作的方式开展。该职位将与王志明教授领导的基础与前沿研究院(IFFS)进行强有力的合作。
Alexander Govorov教授长期致力于纳米结构和纳米材料的光学和光化学性质方面的研究,研究课题包括等离激元纳米结构、热电子、等离激元光热现象、等离激元和激子系统中的量子效应、混合纳米级系统、生物自组装体系、手性生物等离激元、表面光化学、纳米尺度的能量转换等,研究同时涵盖了经典现象和量子现象,并且经常涉及多尺度建模。该小组目前正在将统计和机器学习技术与传统的分析和数值方法结合,旨在对纳米系统进行不同层次的描述。有关研究小组的更多信息和相关联系方式,请访问:
候选人应具有很高的积极性,并在理论凝聚态物理,计算物理和纳米材料方面具有深厚的背景。必须致力于与来自不同背景的学生,教职员工进行有效的合作。该职位的初始任期为两年,但可能会延长到三年,具体取决于绩效和资金。要申请该职位,请发送电子邮件给Alexander Govorov教授(govorov@ohio.edu),并附上求职信和完整的简历。
Alexander Govorov教授曾是美国俄亥俄大学的物理学杰出教授,现为电子科技大学基础与前沿研究院全职教授。同时他是长江讲座教授,美国物理学会会士,出版过250多篇论文,并获得多个国际奖项,包括Walton Visitor沃尔顿访客奖项(爱尔兰),Jacques-Beaulieu博利厄卓越研究主席奖(加拿大)等。